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We look forward to your participation
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We look forward to your participation
in exploring the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence

Sales Manager (National)

  • Position Description:

    The Sales Manager will be responsible for sales in our face recognition in product channels in public security and defense industry, and commercial industry


    1.Responsible for developing new markets and establishing sales channels thereof, and conducting business negotiations with target channel distributors, integrators and contractors.

    2.Responsible for training of sales and product knowledge to channel partners, and assisting channel distributors to develop end users and distribution markets.

    3.Responsible for the overall planning and management of the markets, conducting market research, and making promotion plans.

    4.Responsible for collecting new customers’ information, effectively communicating with customers and understanding customers’ requirements, seeking cooperation opportunities and achieving performance goals.
    Responsible for market launches, and actively participating in market promotions and product promotions.

  • Requirements:

    1.Honest and trustworthy, optimistic and open, good communicational skills, responsible, with team spirit and good interpersonal skills.

    2.Have strong learning ability, self-management ability and ability to handle pressure, self motivated with specific working goals, and willing to challenge himself/herself.

    3.Have a team spirit and strong adaptability to work. Cooperative and can travel on business trips or assignments.

    4.Strong business negotiation skills, and able to understand customer demands and actively provide customers with overall solutions.

    5.Have more than 3 years of marketing experience, strong marketing skills and knowledge of promotion mechanics, and good knowledge of market exploration, cooperative and responsible for the sales targets stipulated by the company. Applicants with the background of public security and civil security are preferred.

    6.Applicants with familiarity for promotions, cold calling and telemarketing skills are preferred.


basic salary + five social insurance and one housing fund + overall commission of the management channel development amount+ promotion opportunity


The province and surrounding areas of the sales branch of the company

Graph Database Engineer

  • Job Description:
    1. Participate in the design and development of graph database architecture;

    2. Responsible for building DFX capability of graph database and optimizing its performance.

    3. Understand business scenarios and be responsible for the promotion and application of graph databases in knowledge mapping, search, finance and other fields.

    4. Participate in the technological expansion in the field of big data computing;

    5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders on time.

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. Major in Computer Science, Mathematics, Bachelor's degree or above, 3 years'experience in data storage;

    2. Experience in developing at least one graph database, such as Neo4j/ArangoDB/OrientDB.

    3. Proficient in database theory, deep understanding of ER diagram and database paradigm, familiar with large-scale database architecture;

    4. Proficient in Java programming, familiar with the principles and characteristics of distributed frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Flink and Storm, and have practical development experience.

    5. Understand the mainstream databases such as RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis).

    6. Strong communication, coordination and language/written expression skills. Good team spirit.



Senior Engineer in Big Data Analysis

  • Job Description:
    1. Participate in the design of products or modules related to data visualization and put forward professional and reasonable visualization proposal.
    2. Complete the preparatory work of pre-development, such as sorting out data information and building data model;
    3. Deeply understand the main forms of data visualization, and completely restore the visual expression and interactive design of designers.
    4. To undertake the research and development and maintenance of data visualization related products and deliver high-quality visualization products and services;
    5. Focus on user experience, continuous performance optimization and architecture upgrading, and constantly improve the ease of use, efficiency and aesthetics in visual analysis;
    6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders on time.

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. More than 3 years of relevant development experience in data visualization, love data visualization, and pay attention to the development trend of the industry;
    2. Proficient in JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, CSS3 and other Web front-end technologies, with front-end engineering thinking and practical experience;
    3. Proficient in Web front-end drawing technologies and standards such as SVG/Canvas/WebGL, and at least one data visualization framework or class library such as D3/G2/Three.js/ECharts/Highcharts/Leaflet/mxGraph;
    4. Experience in deeply participating in well-known data visualization products or open source projects in the industry is preferred.
    5. Positive learning attitude, curiosity about new things, ability to explore and study unknown areas, and willingness to share;
    6. Excellent professional accomplishment, communication and collaboration skills, strong pressure resistance;


Senior Web Front End Engineer

  • Job Description:
    1. Lead the web front-end development team and build a professional web front-end team.
    2. Responsible for the development of front-end interfaces and related functional modules of various web systems;
    3. Participate in software system development and design, and lead web front-end technology research and development selection;
    4. Responsible for solving various web front-end problems in product testing and use;
    5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders on time.

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. At least 8 years experience in front-end development and 5 years experience in large-scale Internet;
    2. Be proficient in at least 2 kinds of React/Vue/Angular JS, and have many actual development cases.
    3. Proficient in using JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, CSS3 and other front-end technologies, rich experience in common front-end components, and complete source code reading experience for some mainstream frameworks;
    4. Familiar with advanced processing such as Web dynamic effect and 3D display, such as canvas, CSS3 animation, Three.js, etc.
    5. Proficiency in mobile terminal development (H5 Hybrid), adaptation and performance tuning;
    6. Experience in JavaScript performance optimization, multi-browser compatibility, multi-device compatibility and Android/iOS version compatibility.
    7. Have a certain understanding of user experience, interactive operation process and user needs;
    8. Excellent in technology, active research, communication and collaboration, and strong pressure resistance.


Senior JAVA Development Engineer

  • Job Description:
    1. Responsible for the design, development and implementation of software products according to the design ideas and requirements of the products;
    2. Fully communicate with PM, understand the idea of the product, analyze the feasibility of the technology, select the type of technology, and determine the realization plan of product development.
    3. Responsible for the design, development, implementation and optimization of product-related functions to ensure product quality;
    4. Responsible for solving all kinds of technical problems encountered in team work;
    5. Actively implement the work arranged by the company and the project manager.

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years of software development projects experience, familiar with common Java middleware, micro-service architecture;
    2. Proficient in Java object-oriented programming, J2EE architecture; familiar with Spring MVC, SSH and other development frameworks, and proficient in one or more of them; will be front-end and back-end priority.
    3. Proficient in UML, system analysis and design, can complete the design and coding of software according to the standard software development process, and have the ability to write standard development documents.
    4. Master the distributed technology, have a good solution for high availability, high concurrency and high performance applications, and have participated in the architecture design and actual development of at least one large-scale project.
    5. Experience in developing at least one NoSQL database, such as MongoDB/Canssandra/HBase. Familiar with common problems and performance tuning. Massive practical data processing experience is preferred.
    6. Proficiency in Python, Shell and other scripting languages, with relevant development experience is preferred.


C++ Senior Engineer

  • Job Description:
    1. Responsible for the development of functional modules of Linux application layer;
    2. Participate in the function development of software system by using C language.
    3. Responsible for solving software problems in product testing and use.

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years experience in C/C++ development; experience in camera-related development is preferred!
    2. Familiar with C/C++ language, multithreading and other basic technologies;
    3. Proficient in UNIX, LINUX/Windows platform system development;
    4. Familiar with TCP/IP network protocol and Socket programming; Familiar with mainstream CPU architecture such as ARM and MIPS is preferred.
    5. Familiar with one or more of the mainstream databases, such as ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MYSQL, etc.
    6. Have a certain ability of system analysis and design, strong technical research ability;
    7. Good sense of responsibility and communication skills, strong anti-pressure ability.


Algorithm Researcher

  • Job Description:

    1.Investigate various basic and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, build algorithm library and algorithm platform.

    2.Research, design and implement the ML/DL/NLP algorithm for the company's business data and different business scenarios.

    3.Code migration, optimization, maintenance and testing of algorithm module.

    4.Prepare relevant development documents.

  • Qualification requirements:

    1.Master degree or above, major in machine learning/computer vision/pattern recognition and other related majors, have a comprehensive understanding of AI, and familiar with the mainstream ML/DL/NLP algorithm.

    2.Proficient in at least one language of C/C++/Go/Python/Java, skilled in data structure, have strong algorithm design and implementation ability, as well as complete project practical experience of algorithm research -- > modeling -- > data preprocessing -- > experiment -- > evaluation -- > online.

    3.Students who have won some prizes in the algorithm competition and machine learning competition will be given priority.

    4.Strong ability to solve key problems, able to follow up on the latest technological research results in the field, and experiment with various application scenarios.

    5.Good communication skills, strong motivation and thirst for knowledge, and an orientation toward solving product problems.



Hardware Product Manager

  • Job Description:

    1.Responsible for solutions and cost analysis of the features, functions, hardware of competitors' products, and provide product strategies and operational suggestions.

    2.Responsible for the selection of hardware products, communication with partners on requirements, and promotion of related product progress and project management.

    3.Responsible for the product design of the hardware access platform, assist the R&D team to understand the content of product requirements and interactive use, follow up the product R&D, coordinate and organize resources in design, R&D and testing, and promote the product launch on timely basis.

    4.Responsible for liaison and coordination with sales and marketing departments.

    5.Collect feedback and improvement opinions, continuously optimize the product, complete the established product objectives, launch product on time, as well as product version management control.

    6.Ability to complete other tasks as assigned by superiors on timely basi.

  • Qualification requirements:

    1.Full-time bachelor degree or above, working experience of more than 5 years, including more than 3 years of intelligent hardware product manager experience.

    2.Be independently responsible for product module experience, familiar with the implementation process of various links of product planning. Applicants with experience in product design of hardware open platform and B-end management system are preferred.

    3.Be interested in AI, with own thinking and cognitive ability.



Software Product Manager

  • Job Description:

    1.Product demand information collection: fully understand customer needs through investigation, observation and customer visit; complete the conceptual design and prototype display of the product/function based on the customer experience design concep.

    2.Product planning and design: complete product functional design, technical implementation scheme, market and competition analysis, application development trend, product route diagram, etc.

    3.Product development: be responsible for communication with R&D, design, testing and other personnel, ensuring full understanding of the product by all collaborating departments, guiding designers to complete product interface design, coordinating developers to carry out development work, and promoting and coordinating product development progress.

    4.Track the market results and customer feedback of the on-line products, collect and actively explore improvement requirements, continuously improve products according to business needs, as well as improve customer experience and product value.

    5.Ability to finish other tasks as assigned by superior on timely basis.

  • Qualification requirements:

    1.Bachelor degree or above.

    2.Have product design or management experience for 3 years or above.

    3.Strong communication skills, organizational skills and ability to interact with others.

    4.Applicants with work experience in security and defense or education industry is preferred.



Software Testing Engineer

  • Job Description:

    1.Develop automation test scheme, design test framework, select or write automation tools, build test environment and test the system.

    2.Submit and follow up the modification of defects, and complete the test analysis report.

    3.Participate in the research and development and test process of the system, including product requirements, functional design, product testability design and feedback, unit test, system test, performance test, product effect evaluation and other aspects, commit to improving the technical reliability of the product.

    4.Build the continuous integration environment of the R&D system, build and simulate large-scale distributed online diversified scenarios.

  • Qualification requirements:

    1.Have bachelor degree or above in computer related majors, more than 3 years of test related experience.

    2.Be proficient in LinuxUnix command and Shell programming.

    3.Be proficient in at least one language, such as CCPythonGoJava.

    4.Be able to independently write automated test code and test tool.

    5.Applicants with experience in automated tool development, continuous integration, performance testing, abnormal scenario construction and so on are preferred.

    6.Applicants with R&D experience are preferred.



Senior Manager of Content Planning

  • Job Description:
    1. Responsible for the company's in-depth topic planning, industry research, strategic sorting, Market Research and judgment in the fields of science, technology, finance, AI security, etc.
    2. Responsible for the compilation and sorting out of various in-depth articles, news releases and materials in the market and PR communication;
    3. Responsible for new media planning based on company brand, official channel operation and the development of external new media resources;
    4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors on time.

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. Good writing skills, able to hold all kinds of copywriting, such as writing for companies, industries and new media;
    2. Strong learning ability, high ability of industry research and insight analysis;
    3. Familiar with AI and security field, preferably with AI vertical media or CV brand PR background;
    4. Recruitment of Bachelor degree or above, major in journalism, Chinese and communication, and more than 3 years of relevant industry experience.


Intellectual Property Manager

  • Job Description:
    1. According to the specific requirements of international certification and regulations, docking the application for company certification by various testing institutions, third-party laboratories, etc.
    2. Responsible for the payment of fees, prototype testing and rectification, etc. to ensure the smooth completion of the certification work;
    3. Write organizational declarations, quarterly reports, annual reports, follow-up and coordination, maintenance and management, etc. to ensure that statements are submitted as required;
    4. Responsible for the regular filing of contracts with the government and intellectual property departments and the signing and renewal of contracts with various agencies in accordance with government regulations and institutional requirements;
    5. Understanding and defining the legal issues of international patent property rights and tasks assigned by superiors on a temporary basis in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

  • Qualification requirements:
    1. Master's degree in Law from 985 and 211 universities, passing the judicial examination, and having specialized research in the field of intellectual property rights;
    2. Skillful application of word excel PPT accessisio and other office software;
    3. Excellent language and written expression skills, able to draft business plans and legal documents, able to independently draft and declare intellectual property rights;
    4. English listening and speaking are accessible, and some contract terms can be drafted directly in English.
    5. Quick thinking, strong logic, tough personality, down-to-earth work, attention to details, goal-oriented, with a strong sense of enterprise and good team spirit.


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