Going Global - Pensees Technology Co Ltd receives CIO Advisor 2019 Asia Pacific Hottest AI Company
Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved from a cool concept in sci-fi movies and an industry buzzword to disrupting technologies across multiple industries. 2018 is the milestone year for the widespread use of AI, but experts believe that companies are now only touching the tip of the iceberg. In 2019, the trend of AI includes quantum computing, fusion of AI and other technologies, neural networks, socio-economic models based on AI, and reinforcement learning. AI is undoubtedly invaluable, and endless potential has spawned many AI start-ups.
Just this month, the world's leading information technology consulting organisation, CIO Advisor, selected 20 hottest artificial intelligence companies in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019. Pensees has been selected and recognized for its leading technical strength and unique business application value.

CIO Advisor analysed the technology and prospects of the AI-Security industry and gives full affirmation and high evaluation to Pensees. At the same time, Ma Yuan, CEO of Pensees, accepted an exclusive interview with the magazine. The article "Pensees - Pushing forward the industrialisation of AI" was published in the CIO Advisor magazine on September 9, 2019.
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The following is CIO Advisor original report:
The company's founder and CEO Ma Yuan recently announced the establishment of Pensees Singapore Institute. The Pensees Singapore Institute is a research institute established in Singapore, which mainly engages in research of AI technology and deep learning. Ma Yuan said that we are very happy to establish a research institute in Singapore, seek opportunities to continuously improve the quality of the company’s products, and collaborate with AI experts from academia and industry. Pensees Singapore Institute will help expand the company’s business in Singapore and the region.
At the opening ceremony of the Pensees Singapore Institute, to promote the innovation of AI, the company signed two cooperation agreements. The agreement with National University of Singapore is a collaboration to develop an AI camera system and the project is one of 100 new technology research projects for AI Singapore which is the strong supporter of AI technologies emerging in companies. The other agreement is with Nanyang Polytechnic, to collaborate in research and development and testing of driverless vehicles and robotics. Through this collaborative approach, the company is committed to its growth strategy in Singapore and strengthening research in the areas of AI and Deep learning.
Due to this unwavering dedication to research and development, it has enabled the company to have both innovation software and hardware solution for capturing and recognising objects and faces. These AI modules integrate seamlessly and with any application to provide customers with a quick complete solution. However, behind the success of these solutions is the top R&D engineering team in the company, which has extensive expertise in AI and IoT technology and is constantly providing unique products and services to the company. While providing a one-stop overall solution, the company focuses on customer needs so that products and services can truly solve the actual problems of customers and ensure the effect of application and continuously push for innovation and development while accompanying our customers in their growth.
With regards to the persistence of these visions, the company has had numerous success stories. In one of the cases, Ma Yuan talked about how Pensees can help customers build a safe city system. In Beijing, an urban area is equipped with more than a thousand vehicle checkpoints and electronic law enforcement systems, which play an important role in criminal investigation process for government agencies, and local authorities will only need to use the advanced AI technology to improve law enforcement ability. Pensees’ AI system platform helped the authorities find more than 20 missing children, seize 30 vehicles suspected of forging license plates and recover more than 10 stolen vehicles in just 6 months.
Today, the company’s customers have covered more than 50 cities in China, deploying big data systems in many places across 50 cities, helping to crack more than 5,000 cases and serving as a security management platform for several large-scale events. As, the company enters the Singapore market, Ma Yuan believes that the international market will open its doors to the company. Driven by this vision, the company will continue to focus on continuous innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, and provide users with excellent technology and software and hardware solutions for the entire AI- IoT industry on a global scale.