Pensees announced the establishment of the Singapore Institute with Chinese top scientist in Computer Vision and Deep Learning Shen Shengmei as the President and Chief Scientist
On March 19th, Beijing time, the new AI company Pensees announced that Shen Shengmei, who is the top scientist in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and former Vice President of Panasonic (Singapore) Institute, officially joined as the Chief Scientist. Meanwhile, Pensees also announced the establishment of the Singapore Institute, focusing on technical research and development in the field of AI and Deep Learning. It is reported that Shen Shengmei will hold the host of the President of the Singapore Institute, taking charge of team building, management and exploration of AI cutting-edge technology.

As a rare Chinese female scientist in the field of Computer Science and AI, Shen Shengmei has the full stack technology ability of computer vision, with the technical aspects across multiple application areas, and has achieved world-class results in face detection and recognition based on deep learning, pedestrian detection and tracking, pedestrian re-identification, vehicle identification, automatic driving, driver behavior detection, mobile operation robots and other fields.
It is known that, Shen Shengmei graduated from Electronic Science and Technology Department of Xidian University with a bachelor's degree in Electronic Countermeasures and a master's degree in Electronic Information Engineering. Xidian University is one of the earliest universities in China to establish Information Theory, Information System Engineering, Radar, Microwave Antenna, Electronic Machinery, Electronic Countermeasures, etc., opening up a precedent for China's IT discipline. Xidian University originated from the Central Military Commission Radio School founded in 1931, which was the first engineering and technical school created by the older generation of revolutionaries. The school has gone through ten schooling periods including the Central Military Commission Radio Communication College, the People's Liberation Army Military and Telecommunications Engineering College (known as "XIJUNDIAN"), the Northwest Telecommunications Engineering College, Xidian University, etc., witnessing China's national electronics industry progress gradually from scratch to development and growth.
Under such research environment, Shen Shengmei has been engaged in research on AI in the fields of driverless cars and medical ECG-assisted diagnosis since the 1980s. In 1992, she joined the Panasonic (Singapore) Institute, working on the design and application of audio and video signal processing and compression algorithms, and then focused on research in the field of image recognition. Since 2013, Shen Shengmei has firstly transferred to deep learning with her team, and has achieved outstanding performance in the field of computer vision. As the former Vice President of the Panasonic (Singapore) Institute, Shen Shengmei led the algorithm research team of more than 40 people, won championships in more than ten international top competitions in the field of computer vision, and accumulated more than 300 patents. The research and development results have been widely used in various products and businesses.
It is reported in public materials that, during the period from 2010 to 2012, Shen Shengmei and the National University of Singapore LV Lab jointly participated and received awards in the PASCAL VOC (Visual Object Classification) for three consecutive years; she also won the international VOT (Visual Object Tracking) championship in 2013, the world championship of pedestrian detection Caltech data sets in 2015, double championship of face verification and face recognition in the face recognition competition IJB-A under the unrestricted conditions sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2017, and double championship in the MS-Cele-1M face challenge competition of the Microsoft million celebrity recognition competition in 2017; first rank of the world in the four public data sets (VIPeR, CUHK-03, DukeMTMC-reID, and Market1501) in the pedestrian re-identification (RE-ID) in March 2018; the championship in the "Unsupervised Traffic Anomaly Detection" of the CVPR AI CITY Challenge in April 2018; championship in IROS (International Conference Robotics on Intelligent on Robots and Systems) mobile operating robot competition in November 2018, and the world championship in the AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO) of the NeuroIPS in December 2018.
Shen Shengmei said that she is very honored to join the family of Pensees. “Pensees is a new generation of startups in the domestic AI field, owning ambitious corporate vision, profound industry understanding, accurate market positioning and excellent business executive capacity. Pensees adheres to the concept of technology R&D oriented to market demand, has pragmatic productization thought and commercialization thought, and attaches importance to customer service and market development. Years of industrial experience makes me highly agree with this, which is also an important reason for me to join Pensees.”

As a scientist combining academia community and industrial community, Shen Shengmei believes that, as applied research, AI must be combined with the scenarios, paying attention to the application of AI technology in various industries, attaching importance to solutions to solve the actual pain points of customers. "On the one hand, the academic community should pay attention to user value and market acceptance, think from the perspective of users and the market, and realize the commercialization of technology; on the other hand, the industrial community should guide the engineering design with academics theories, comprehensively analyze and find the root cause for the problems arising in the process of technology implementation, then make the perfect solution in accordance with the theories. Only when the academic community and industrial community are combined, the real productization and commercialization of technology can be realized. "She analyzed.

For the positioning of the Institute, Pensees officially said: As the enterprise research institute, the Pensees Singapore Institute will continue to explore cutting-edge technology from a global perspective on one hand, so that the company will always maintain sensitivity and attention to breakthrough technology, and make technical reserves and R&D for the company’s stepping into new business fields; on the other hand, under the premise of ensuring the leading position in the technology industry, we will take into account both the industrial-level R&D and delivery capabilities, based on the existing business and commercial model of Pensees, conduct pointed technology development and innovation in the vertical field combine with the development direction of the company.
"Next, I will overcome the problems of face recognition technology encountered in security and protection with the team, such as face blur, backlight, multi-ethnic and other face recognition performance degradation in unconstrained scenarios; use image enhancement technology to enhance the performance of hardware products such as company monitor cameras and establish product advantages.” Shen Shengmei said that, she will give full play to her accumulated reserves in AI technology, product R&D management, team establishment and management, and create a “High- Energy" research institute of corporate culture to help the company rapidly improve the ability to business implementation and market competitiveness, and continuously output enterprise-level AI value facing the industry.
Mr. Ma Yuan, founder and CEO of Pensees, said, “The participation of Teacher Shen Shengmei and the establishment of the Pensees Singapore Institute as part of the company's strategic planning will enhance the AI technical strength of Pensees in the long run. She has been engaged in scientific research for a long time in enterprise research institute, attaching importance to the combination of academia community and industrial community, emphasizing the implementation and application of technology in the industry, with strong industrial R&D and delivery capabilities. What is more valuable is that, she also has excellent management capabilities, as well as rich and efficient experience in project management and team building. The characteristics of Teacher Sheng Shengmei are in line with the company philosophy of Pensees, which will be helpful for the company to continue to consolidate the main channel of security and protection business, and continuously explore cutting-edge technology from a global perspective, and make technical reserves for the company in the development in AI field and exploration of new business to help the company achieve long-term strategic development."

Ma Yuan introduced that Pensees is an AI company that specializes in computer vision and IoT technology and provides comprehensive application solutions for the industry. It has completed the angel round and Pre-A round financing, the leading investors of which are Hongtai Fund and IDG Capital respectively. The mature industrial-grade team of Pensees has enabled the company to quickly launch a full range of self-developed face recognition algorithms, software and hardware products in a short period of time. The software products include intelligent portrait big data, police intelligence big data, smart community, smart campus, smart hospital, smart park, smart manufacturing and other industrial software management platforms; the hardware products include all kinds of terminal equipment facing various public security scenarios and facing the industry and commercial areas: portrait capture camera, vertical person card machine, dual-screen person card machine, intelligent access control, vertical multi-function face recognition terminal, face recognition gate, mobile surveillance single pawn, etc..
On the basis of the fully self-developed technology and a full range of hardware and software products, aiming at the business needs of the management and control of complex crowd in different fields and multi-scenarios, Pensees has launched a mature, performable industry solution covering all the scenarios, in 15 specific sub-scenarios of five industries including AI+ public safety, AI+ smart community, AI+ smart park, AI+ intelligent transportation, AI+ intelligent manufacturing. Since the establishment, the industry solutions of Pensees have successfully executed in more than 50 cities across the country, serving more than 100 customers. It also has deployed dynamic face recognition points in many places across the country, arrested nearly 2,000 escaped personnel, and held the post of several security activities for large-scale national events.
As the traditional industry is in a new era of intellectualization change, the requirements for AI technology in more and more industries are increasing day by day. The integration of these industries will provide huge scenarios and space for the implementation of AI technology, while AI technology will also bring profound changes and innovations to different industries.
During the development stage of AI industrialization, Pensees focuses on the productization implementation and commercialization capabilities of technology, and uses industrial community thought to provide products and services that meet industry requirements. On account of the technological advantages and industrialization capabilities of the Shen Shengmei’s team and the Singapore Institute, combined with the company's industry-leading productization and service capabilities, Pensees will adhere to the strategy of "Industry + AI" in the future, under the premise of consolidating the main security and protection business and possessing sufficient AI technology reserve, find suitable scenarios to transfer to other vertical industries, and continue to promote the commercialization implementation and industrialization process of AI technology.