AI security and protection company Pensees completed Pre-A round of financing with tens of millions of dollars with IDG Capital as leading investor
On January 8, 2019, Beijing time, AI security and protection company Pensees announced the completion of Pre-A round of financing with tens of millions, the investment of which was led by IDG Capital, and followed by ECC Capital, Shanggu Capital, and Hongtai Fund.
Pensees expressed that this round of financing would be used more to "strengthen the internal capacity", and to further consolidate the company's R&D technology  and product execution capabilities.
Aiming at the multi-scenarios of public safety, Pensees has launched a mature and formidable industry solution, which has begun to be implemented in some cities, forming a commercialization closed loop.
Shao Hui, Vice President of IDG Capital, said, “The AI industrialization stage, which is oriented towards productization implementation and commercialization closed loop, has arrived.
As a member of the first batch of teams in the face recognition research project in China, Ma Yuan has been rooted in the security and protection industry for many years, and he is a rare CEO with both technology background and industry thought and insight."

The mature industry team of Pensees has  a rich accumulation of industrial experience and strong delivery capabilities, which enables the company to quickly launch a full range of self-developed face recognition algorithms, software and hardware products in a short period of time.” According to the external introduction of Pensees, its software system includes dynamic and static face recognition, analysis platform for study and judgement of the portrait big data, multi-dimensional big data application platform and business intellectualization management platform, etc.; the hardware products include specialized portrait equipment facing various public security scenarios, and dual-screen person card machine, intelligent access control, vertical advertising machine and face recognition gate facing the industry and commercial areas.
Pensees has launched an industry solution covering all scenarios.on the basis of the fully self-developed technology and a full range of hardware and software products, which are aimed at solving business needs of the management and control of complex crowds in different fields and in multi-scenarios of public safety.
First of all, regarding the practical application requirements of the public security system, Pensees has launched a public security intelligent portrait big data solution. The solution is based on the core technology of face recognition, integrating multiple intelligent information collection hardware terminal products and dynamic & static face recognition and application. It conducts identification and comparison of portraits, analysis for study and judgement of the big data, as well as the correlation of multi-dimensional big data with advanced video surveillance, intelligent analysis and big data analysis technology, which can be widely applied to the construction of the comprehensive business systems of face comparison in various fields of public security.
In addition to the complete solution with differentiated competitive advantages designed for the public security system, Pensees has also gradually expanded its business scope to the judiciary system, courts and other government agencies, and solved problems under many situations such as the visitor management, key personnel management and control of the procuratorate and the courts. For government scenarios, it has proposed a complete set of intelligent portrait big data solution covering the public security organs, procuratorates and people's courts.
Secondly, Pensees has also actively expanded into the commercial market. Relying on its accumulated experience in public security, it has launched smart community solutions and smart estate solutions for various communities, office buildings, schools, hospitals, retailers and supermarkets, factories and other industries. While it solves the problem of regional personnel safety management and control in the community and the estate, guaranteeing the safety of personnel; it has created additional commercial value, promoting the intellectualization of public services and the convenience services, and promoting the community and the estate to enter the intelligent era.
Pensees has been known by customers to cover more than 20 provinces, cities and municipalities, deployed dynamic face recognition points in many places across the country, and through its systems, it has arrested nearly 2,000 fugitives on the run.  It has also had the experience of managing large-scale national events with its security systems.

"AI technology has opened up the informatization and intellectualization revolution of the security and protection industry, and awakened the long-asleep industry demand. In the next five to ten years, the AI+ security and protection industry will usher in a new wave of development. In the stage of AI industrialization development, Pensees will pay more attention to the productization and commercialization capabilities of AI technology, and provide products and services that meet the requirements of security and protection industry with industrial thought." The founder and CEO of Pensees, Ma Yuan said, "the characteristics of the security and protection industry determines that, customers need companies with the capacity of providing long-term service and ability to solve overall problems. For an AI company with security and protection as the main channel, continuously providing customers with comprehensive service is the development concept of Pensees, a service orientation right from the formation of the company. While providing a one-stop overall solution, Pensees aims to  focus on  customer requirements, providing products and services to solve actual problems of customers, and to ensure that the implementation is properly executed,as the company continues to innovate and develop, accompanying customers to grow together."