Startup AI security company Pensees completed ten million level financing, which was led by Aplus
 AI security startup company, Pensees Technology Pte Ltd announced today that it has completed funding in the ten million level in an angel round financing in September 2018, which is led by Aplus. Funds mainly are used for technology, product research and development and team expansion.
Pensees is an AI company that specializes in computer vision and IoT technologies and provides integrated application solutions for the industry. The company employed computer vision technology based on in-depth deep learning as a breakthrough andselected vertical industries such as the security industry. It is committed to providing excellent AI + IoT technology and hardware and software solutions for the entire industry chain.

In the view of Song Nan, Vice President of Aplus, AI industry has developed from the academic stage of simply talking aboutalgorithms and technology into the industrialization stage dominated by commercial application after the first two-year’s development. Pensees as an AI startup company, focuses on the integration of scenarios and technology. Its team has both computer vision technology and accumulation and awareness of the security industry, and, coupled with excellent project application and productization capabilities.

Mature team
According to the information provided by Pensees, the Founder and core team of the company have many years of experience in AI+ security industry. Ma Yuan, the founder and CEO of Pensees, graduated from Xidian University, and stands as the first batch of AI- Intelligence Science and Technology majors in China.

In 2015, Ma Yuan joined the domestic top AI company, responsible for AI + security work, and carried out AI application in various cities in China. In 2016, the face recognition research project in his charge was listed in the National Science and Technology Achievements Promotion Plan of the year by the Ministry of Public Security, which has also become the first national scientific and technological achievement promotion project for face recognition.

According to the introduction of Pensees, its R&D and technical teams have industry-leading productization and service capabilities, equipped with full software development capabilities and multiple industry platform R&D experience. The core members of the software team are from Fujitsu industrial-level R&D team of Japan. The team leader has 18 years of industry experience and management experience in a software team of over 100 people.

The era of only pursuing for technology is passed, we call for “practical application”

In this year, we welcome the initiative of AI application, “AI has embarked into the industrialization stage dominated by commercial application from the academic stage”, as Song Nan says.

Ma Yuan, CEO of Pensees, said that, the first stage of AI is mainly promoted by academics, while the industry will play a majorrole in its second stage dominated by the commercial application. Pensees endeavors to drive the process of AI industrialization application, by continuously consolidating the security industry as the mainline, sustaining to build an industrial grade team of algorithms, software, hardware and cloud services, and continuing to deepen industry awareness. In addition, much attention will be paid to understand the customer, focusing on applications of products and services according to users’ demands, to drive the development of AI into the second stage.

The security industry has been a fertile test-bed for AI application attributed to its transformation and upgrading towards large-scale, automation, and intellectualization during the “13th Five-Year” according to the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020) Development Plan for China's Security and Protection. Total revenue of security enterprises will reach RMB 800 billion as of 2020, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%; the market scale of security is predicted to reach RMB 1 trillion as of 2022 as planned in the Plan.

According to the background information of Pensees, the team members are perceptibly growing in pattern recognition, biometrics and other fields, which are exactly the technology needed in security and protection.

However, from another perspective, the application capability of Pensees is still unknown in spite of its strong academic background. According to the online public information, Pensees was founded in September this year, the registration place is in Beijing, and the company has not announced specific products and solutions.

Nevertheless, Pensees has its strong standing as AI security enterprise from the very beginning.  From one perspective, it shows itself in the identity of “scientific technology enterprise” and announces to the market that security will serve as the application forthe future. In the current environment, this action is undoubtedly smart. However, it is worth noting that many AI companies have chosen security as application window for its seemingly broad market. The AI security track has been packed with players, so, the first entrants undoubtedly are bound to grab business opportunities. As a startup company, Pensees will blaze trails in various fields for breakthroughs and it is noteworthy the company can triumph through the test of time.