Pensees, an AI company, received ten million level financing funds led by Aplus
November 6th, 2019 (Beijing time) witnessed the success of Pensees, an AI startup company, which received an angel round of financing, with funds in the ten million level, which has been generally completed in September 2018 and is announced recently. This round of financing was led by Aplus, the funds from which will be mainly used for technology, product development and team expansion.
Pensees is an AI company that specializes in computer vision and IoT technologies and provides integrated application solutions for the industry. In the early stage, the company employed computer vision technology based on in-depth deep learning as a breakthrough and selected vertical industries such as the security industry . It is committed to providing excellent AI + IoT technology and hardware and software solutions for the entire industry chain.
In the view of Song Nan, Vice President of Aplus, the AI industry has developed from the academic stage of simply talking about algorithms and technology into the industrialization stage dominated by commercial application after the first two-year’s development. Pensees, as an AI startup company, focuses on integration of scenarios and technology. Its team has both computer vision technology and an accumulation and awareness of the security industry, coupled with excellent project application and productization capabilities.
It is learnt that Ma Yuan, the founder and CEO of Pensees, graduated from Xidian University, and stands as the first batch of AI- Intelligence Science and Technology majors in China. He used to work in the field of face recognition in the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition and the Center for Biometrics and Security Technology (CBSR) of Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2012, which was headed by Li Ziqing, a leading authority of domestic computer vision.
After that stint, Ma Yuan led the R&D and application of several intelligent vision IoT projects at the IoT Research and Development Center of Wuxi Chinese Academy of Sciences. At the age of 26, he undertook the provincial-level R&D task of “Integration and Demonstration of Massive Video Comprehensive Application Technology”, which was selected and sent by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department / the Public Security Department as the outstanding IoT case and won the final award of 2013 Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress. In 2015, Ma Yuan joined the domestic top AI company, responsible for AI + security work, and carried out AI application in various cities in China. In 2016, the face recognition research project in his charge was listed in the National Science and Technology Achievements Promotion Plan of the year by the Ministry of Public Security, which has also become the first national scientific and technological achievement promotion project for face recognition.
Ma Yuan, CEO of Pensees, said that the first stage of AI is mainly promoted by academics, while the industry will play a major role in the second stage dominated by the commercial application.